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Pressure Washing Your Home’s Exterior? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Pressure Washing Your Home’s Exterior? Avoid These Common Mistakes

If you’re a Homeowner in Eugene Oregon, you probably already know the importance of occasionally pressure washing your home’s exterior. For new homeowners, it’s important to note that your home’s exterior collects all sorts of dirt, grime and chalk from deteriorating paint. Over time, this deposit makes your house look dirty, old and neglected, which ruins your curb appeal.

Power washing your exterior gets rid of the accumulated dirt for a clean and flawless look. It’s also an important part of surface preparation during exterior home painting. Without pressure washing, the paint won’t be able to adhere to the surface due to the dirt, grime and other particles. In our opinion, pressure washing is just some of those misleading tasks that should be left to professionals. However, if you decide to go DIY, here are the mistakes you should look out for.

1. Using Too Much Pressure

Using too much pressure is probably the most common mistake many homeowners and DIY enthusiasts make. If you’re renting or own a pressure washing machine, chances are it’s not industrial scale and hence has limitations when it comes to pressure control. Other times it could just be that you’re not sure how much or little pressure you should use for your siding material.

Either way, using too much pressure can potentially leave etching marks as you move the wand back and forth. Many times, this might also cause furring wood, cracking glass or stripping paint. If your pressure washing machine doesn’t have pressure calibrations, start by holding your wand at least three feet away from the surface, then move closer gradually as you monitor the cleaning power.

2. Using Plain Water Only

This is another common mistake that homeowners in Eugen make. While using plain cold water might work in some cases, houses that have considerable dirt accumulation might prove difficult to clean. As a result, you might end up having to use excessive pressure in order to break the dirt barrier and clean the surface.

In cases where you have mold and mildew infection, using plain water will aid in spreading the spores of the fungus to other areas that have not yet been infested. In such a case, you might want to mix mildew controlling fungicide into your cleaning solution. Generally, adding a cleaning chemical into your pressure washing solution helps to break down and soften the dirt barrier, making cleaning easier.

3. Cleaning Out of Order

This pressure washing mistake can cause you a lot of headache and inconveniences. It might sound like common knowledge, but you won’t believe how many homeowners get it wrong. If you start out pressure washing your driveway and walks and then pressure wash your house or your roof, you will have some residual rinsing to do on your driveway. Eventually, all the dirt you clean from your siding and roof will land on the ground. For the same reason, consider cleaning your windows and doors after your roof and siding.

4. Don’t Forget the Water-sensitive Areas

Stay away, (or handle cautiously) water-sensitive areas –you don’t want to spend hours moping stray water or spent money repairing water damage. Some of the areas to look out for include door openings (like the gap under the door), drywall ceilings, non-water tight windows, and glass window/door panels.

The Bottom Line
Pressure washing is an important home maintenance routine that helps to keep your house looking great and prevents eventual permanent stains. However, when it’s incorrectly done, it can cause more damage than good. If you need professional assistance with pressure washing or painting your exterior, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

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