We believe in giving responsibly.

Our heart is in our work. Once upon a time all we had to give was a smile and a kind word or two. But now we have grown so much that we can dedicate our time, resources, and expertise.

In 2018 we teamed up with Mango Tree Coffee to gift our happy customers some ethically sourced coffee and feed starving children. 1 child was fed for a week for every two bags purchased. Our team gifted 108 bags of coffee to many happy customers and fed a child for a full year!

In 2018 we teamed up with a company to gift our happy customers some ethically sourced coffee and feed starving children. 1 child was fed for a week for every two bags purchased. Our team gifted 108 bags of coffee to many happy customers and fed a child for a full year!

Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

Do you know of a youth or an individual wanting to start a small business? Lawn service, babysitting, tutoring, pet sitter, dog walker, website, or washing cars are a few examples of businesses you can do, but not limited to. We want to help you pursue your dream.

If you are age 8-20 years old we’d like to help you pursue your dream this summer by providing our Young Entrepreneur Scholarship (Y.E.S) with sponsorships up to a total of $1000 will be awarded.

Shawn Derby

Founder & CEO

The Experience

I enjoy painting and empowering people.

The team members that we hire enjoy painting, learning, and growing. When everyone is happy doing what they do, they have a blast, do excellent work, and provide a great experience to those around them.

This is not only at work either. This applies at home, at church, in the gym, at volunteer events, and so much more.

Empowering People

Many businesses are started to provide for the family and there is nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to help more than just those under my own roof.

I enjoy seeing what people are made of, and training employees and contractors to paint and help run a business has been a great outlet for that. It’s not always blue skies because sometimes people don’t think they are made of much, but we persevere and we try again.

Most importantly, we grow and get better.

The Change

I don’t mean the change of color. We love that too, but this is more.

By providing excellent and happy service to our clients on time and on budget we are able to effect a positive change in our community.

Firstly, there is a stigma around the contracting field in general. Finding a quality contractor that delivers on what they say they will can be quite difficult. We aim to change that.

Secondly, we are exposed to other opportunities to give to the community thanks to referrals and recommendations from our happy clients.

Thirdly, and I definitely did not save the least for last, we are able to affect things on a global scale. Last year we gifted our clients something unique that allowed us to simultaneously feed a child in a foreign country for an entire year!

Tell me that doesn’t get you just a little excited! This year, and every year going forward, we are aiming to help even more.

How did we start?

We first got started headed into winter with a blizzard of bizarre events & a broken wrist!

Sir Paints A Lot was originally founded in Billings, Montana in October of 2013. We were excited to be expecting our first child in February, but just before Halloween we found out that rather than dipping our toes in the business we were going to be diving in head first.

So we did what we thought was best and bought as many of the necessary tools we could afford and handed out our business cards to everyone who would take them. It wasn’t the smoothest start, but imperfect action beats doing nothing.

Of course, had I known what was coming I might have waited…

My wife Cait was blessed with a wonderful girls trip to a faraway land. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect: she missed the cold start to a long winter. It was the coldest winter Montana had experienced in decades.

The first few weeks of December were brutal with temperatures averaging -30 with windchill up to -70! The transmissions in most cars were frozen solid. Snow melting off roofs was running down and freezing doors shut. Windows were clad in ice inside and out. Even the home insulation wasn’t enough! In many cases ice would build on the west walls exposed to the arctic blasts.

That was a pretty hard time. As you can imagine, painters weren’t in particularly high demand.

Four days into a new year we were so excited to be setting new goals. We were just happy we had made it 3 months into our new venture and were eagerly waiting for our first son. We didn’t see the next setback coming…

We headed into town to have a dinner date and pick up some paint supplies. On our way into town on icy roads with billowing snow, we found ourselves in a situation that left us in a ditch. The work truck was totaled. I broken my wrist, and my wife Cait was 8 months pregnant!

Fortunately, Solomon was unharmed. He’s still the biggest of our 3 littles.

Where are we going?

We moved the operation to Oregon in 2015 after discovering we had a second son on the way. As soon as we arrived we knew we wanted to build something other people could be proud of.

I had discovered in the 2 years prior that I did not like working alone day in and day out. I needed a team that was as passionate as I was about doing something greater.

We are now expanding our team with only the best so that we can better serve our residential and commercial repaint clients.

Offering great services is what we call the lowest standard possible. We aim to raise up the standard of what is acceptable in the trades.

Part of that problem we have identified is that there is typically one person that answers the phone, calls clients, emails proposals, meets new clients , runs supplies, and does most of the labor. That image doesn’t instill confidence to me and I bet you’d agree. Part of why we hire the way we do is to make communication a breeze and peace of mind for everyone.

2013 - 2024

History of Sir Paints A Lot

December 19, 2009

Shawn & Caitlyn’s Wedding

October 2013

Started in Billings, Montana as a 1 man painting business.

February 18th, 2014

Solomon Derby, Born February 18th, 2014. Solomon is our only child born in Montana. He loves to tell you all the things he knows and do what dad does.

July 21st, 2015

Theron Derby, Born July 21st, 2015. Theron was our first Oregonian. He gives the best hugs and he likes hiking, but only if we are camping too.

August 2015

Officially licensed in Oregon

December 2016

Rose to the highest rated local painting company in Eugene and Springfield on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Home Advisor.

November 2016

Hired our very first employee

July 2017

October 16th, 2017

Azure Derby, Born October 16th, 2017. Azure, our only girl, is a detailed little person, a place for everything and everything in its place.

December 2017

Phoenix Inn Eugene hired us for our largest job of the year: we painted 102 bathrooms and the pool room.

June 2018

Protected the Alexis Diaz mural at 1061 West 2nd Ave

June 2018

Painted the interior and exterior and installed epoxy flooring in the Tour of Home at 1063 Lupine, Lot #51.

June 2018

Westmoreland Village hired Sir Paints for our largest job of 2018:
we painted 26 four-plex units!

December 2018

Partnered with Mango Tree Coffee to feed a hungry child for a full year (and our clients got a delicious holiday gift)

August 2019

Completed our first free paint job for a home in Veneta with our charitable Paint It Forward program.

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