Get Your Wallpaper Installed by a professional

Professional Wallpaper Installation

Have your room make an impression which reflects you and your personality with the addition of wallpaper. A simple solid color wall simply can’t bring the textures, depth, charm, or individuality that a selection of wallpaper can. Having your wallpaper installed by the right professionals can relieve the stress from you while helping create a new, brilliant atmosphere in your home.


Installing Wallpaper will Bring Your Room to Life

While we love the colors that paint create, we adore the patterns that are accomplished installing wallpaper. With hundreds of wallpaper patterns, colors, and designs available the choices and combinations are endless. Wallpaper an entire room, accent a single wall, or make a statement with a strategic wallpaper border.

If you don’t like marks on your walls, installing wallpaper might be the best choice as it is easy to clean by simply wiping it off. This makes your walls more durable from constant scrubbing of common marks. Additionally, in busy rooms, the patterns can help cover some of the marks, making your need for cleaning the walls a task that can be put off for a bit.

Walls aren’t perfect and seem to always show more imperfections as you paint the room, requiring more work to be done. Sir Paints A Lot fixes the walls and having your wallpaper professionally installed will help cover those imperfections and no one will know they were there. Get a quote for a wall installation today!

Instantly Transform Your Bathroom

Bathroom wallpaper makeovers can make a world of difference. Waking up with bright colored wallpaper can brighten even the darkest Monday morning. Make a statement with patterned bathroom wallpaper in your guest bathrooms and powder rooms.

Adding wallpaper to the bathroom is also a great way to start because bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the home with the least amount of furnishings, yet they are frequently used. It’s a room that you don’t need to be afraid of adding in some artistic-style, such as including bolder prints, brighter colors, or go the opposite with darker colors to enhance the drama.

Bathroom wallpaper will not only create an impression, but it can also be as durable as tile, without the added cost. Having your wallpaper professionally installed correctly can help with the life of your wallpaper as well as maintaining the best procedures and wallpaper is used in a full bath that can benefit from a different wallpaper than a powder room.

Color Pop Your Kitchen Walls with Wallpaper

The kitchen wallpaper will make your kitchen stand out and express who you are. It’s the gathering place and heart of the home so why not make it, even more, inviting by installing wallpaper?

There’s no need to be afraid of adding bright spots of color to welcome visitors to your kitchen. Make it warm and inviting with just a few accents. Kitchen wallpaper doesn’t need to cover every wall, you can draw attention to one wall as an accent or line your pantry with some bright vibrant colors.

As the kitchen is the most used room in any home, take advantage of having your wallpaper professionally installed. Having the correct wallpaper in a high traffic area is essential as different styles of kitchens can make a difference.

Add Dimension with Cabinet Wallpaper

We don’t think about using wallpaper on our cabinets, but it’s an excellent way to add some depth and character. Installing wallpaper on the outside or even the inside of your current cabinets can breathe new life into them without needing to change them out.

If you have glass-front or open cabinet space, look at lining the back with cabinet wallpaper to add some color and show your own originality. Again, choosing the correct wallpaper will make a difference as it can depend on how often a cabinet is used.

Liven Up Your Living and Dining Room with Wallpaper

Go beyond the classic looks for your living room and dining room. With so many wallpaper choices out there, you can dig deeper into the atmosphere you want to convey when a guest enters your home.

Think textures, patterns, and add some definition. Add some wallpaper to your ceiling, drawing the attention around and upward giving the idea that your room is its own masterpiece. The dining room wallpaper of today isn’t the same as your grandparents’ era, it can be bold or it can be subtle, and floral prints aren’t required.

Living room wallpaper should be something more durable, but you don’t need to deny your creativity while making your room livable. Vinyl wallpaper is still the most long-lasting wallpaper as it can withstand the test of time and family members. It’s also easier to clean with the thin layer of liquid vinyl which is sprayed on top of it at the manufacturer.

Make your living and dining room places where people want to gather, make the area feel welcoming while still maintaining your style. Discussing your options with wallpaper professionals and having the wallpaper professionally installed will make the decision making almost effortless.

Sir Paints A Lot is the Professional Wallpaper Installation Choice

When someone is working in your home, you want a professional. Installing wallpaper isn’t always an easy task, but Sir Paints A Lot is there to work with you every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on getting the job right the first time, offering our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sir Paints A Lot works with all types of wallpaper, including bamboo, vinyl, printed, foil, flock, and mylar. We will work with you to make sure the correct type of wallpaper is used and your visions will come to life in your home.


Step by Step Professional Wallpaper Installation

Our Sir Paints A Lot wallpaper installation team will prepare your home correctly before any work is done.

  • First, we will remove any existing wallpaper if needed
  • Next, we will prepare the walls, fixing any blemishes before we cover the wall
  • The wallpaper will then be cut to size
  • The first section of wallpaper will be hung to the marked plumb lines
  • All areas will be smoothed to perfection
  • Any excess material will be trimmed around outlets and light fixtures

Our team will be with you every step of the way.


Additional Professional Services

Sir Paints A Lot is your professional choice for many of your residential redecorating services. In addition to our professional wallpaper installation services, we also offer residential interior and exterior painting, and cabinet refinishing.