Pressure-Wash the Fall Away

Fall in the PNW was a little behind schedule this year; but it has finally come and gone! Except it is not really gone… The once bright and yellow leaves are now brown and squishy. They are leaving their dark (yet beautiful) marks all over your driveways and sidewalks. Worse though, they are all over your patio and clogging up your rain gutters. They stick to your feet as you cross your patio to enjoy a dip in your hot tub. πŸ˜‰ The dry leaves can be blown away; yes…but what about the soggy ones? What about the layers of ash from all the fires that are mixing with rain to make your walls look sludgy? What can you do? Why should you do anything? What happens if you don’t? Well, I am here to answer all of it!

What Can You Do?

I think the title already gave away the big secret πŸ˜‰ but Pressure-Washing is an excellent way to clean up all the soggy remains of fall! The climate here gets soggy quickly and the leaves don’t have the same opportunity to disintegrate and blow away in the wind like they do in some places. Raking them up into a glorious pile of leaves to jump in is also less satisfying…Unless you enjoy jumping into what feels like fluffy, cold mud. So what does it mean to Pressure-Wash?

Pressure-Wash in Latin is “Pressura-Lava”… a fancy way of saying “to wash with hot lava and pressure”…. πŸ˜‰ When you pressure-wash a surface, a pump is used to create a high pressure water spray that works very efficiently at removing mold, grime, dust, mud, soggy leaves and other debris from the surface. Detergents can be added to make the washing even more effective.

You can wash away most of the soggy residue of fall with a quick pressure-wash! You can pressure-wash the leaves out of your gutters and off of your patio. You can pressure-wash the ashes and grime off your walls, windows and trim. And you can also wash the stains off of your driveway and sidewalk that are left behind from rotting fruits and leaves! Mold and Mildew removal often requires a detergent to be mixed in to effectively eliminate them; but I suggest a mild detergent either way!

Why Should You Pressure-Wash?

Spring and Fall (and right before a new paint job) are the best times to pressure-wash! We will focus on why Fall is a good time.

  • Temperature: Most of the time in fall, temperatures are still not freezing. You do not want to pressure-wash in freezing weather as that could create worse problems than soggy leaves. Because of the pressure behind the water; water will reach places it normally can’t when you pressure-wash. You do not want in to freeze and expand in these areas!
  • Cleanliness: After Summer and Fall, we tend to have a lot of things “left-over” on our home’s surfaces. The popsicles that dripped onto the deck… The pollen that is clinging tightly to the window trim… The leftover pumpkin juices that marked their spot on the front porch…. Ok maybe I’m the only one that throws them out a few days too late haha- but I doubt it! πŸ˜‰ Either way, cleanliness is next to godliness!
  • Protection: Believe it or not; all those little things left sticking to the surfaces around your home only get harder to remove the longer you leave them there! Certain molds and mildews can cause a lot of damage once they start growing into the materials that protect your home. This is the most important reason you should pressure-wash in the fall!

What Happens If You Don’t Pressure-Wash The Fall Away?

You’re probably thinking: “Well I have never pressure-washed my home in the fall and it is still standing!” Right? Right. Pressure-Washing is one of those small things that makes a big difference over time! As I said above; molds and mildews will damage the surfaces of the things that protect your home if left unchecked. Paint, Siding, Trim, Caulking… All of these things will last longer if you maintain them properly. Will they disintegrate at the end of winter if you just let the rain clean them for a couple years? No, probably not. Will you be paying for more home maintenance in the long run in the form of new siding or paint? Definitely! Also, you will be more likely to track soggy leaves into your hot tub. πŸ˜‰

Choosing to pressure-wash in the fall is just a small, important step you can take to maintain your home and lengthen the amount of time that passes before you have to invest in a large, important step.

Can You Damage Your Home While Pressure-Washing?

Yes! This is one reason a lot of people will just let the rain do the work… If you use too high of a setting for the surface you are cleaning; you can absolutely damage the material. For example: Concrete can withstand a higher pressure than your fence or your deck because the material is more rigid. Do your research on the surfaces you will be cleaning and you should have no problems! Here is one very helpful article about how to pressure-wash!

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