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How did we start?

     We actually started Sir Paints A Lot in Billings, Montana in October 2013. We were excited to be expecting our first child in February, but just before Halloween, we found out that rather than dipping our toes in the business we were going to be diving in head first. So we did what we thought was best and bought as many of the necessary tools we could afford and gave business cards to everyone who would take them. It wasn’t a smooth start but it was a start and had I known what was coming I might have waited.

You see, My wife was blessed with a wonderful girls trip to a faraway land and missed the cold start to a long winter, one of the coldest winters many had experienced decades. The first few weeks of December were brutal with temperatures averaging -30 with windchill up to -70! The transmissions in most cars were frozen solid, snow melting off the roof was running down and freezing doors shut, windows were clad in ice inside and out, even the home insulation was not enough in many cases and ice would build on the west walls exposed to the arctic blasts. That was a pretty hard time and we didn’t imagine it could be much more difficult anytime soon…

                  Four days into a new year, we were so excited to be setting new goals, happy we had made it 3 months in the new venture and eagerly waiting for our first son we didn’t see the next setback coming. On our way into town on icy roads with billowing snow, going for a dinner date or picking up paint supplies, we found ourselves in a situation that left us in a ditch and the work truck was totaled, I had a broken wrist, and Cait was due in just over a month. We were concerned for the baby, but he was unharmed and can be seen in the photo above, the biggest of our three littles.

So that is how we got started; headed into winter, a blizzard of bizarre events and a broken wrist. Not a bad start eh?

Where are we going?

        We moved the operation to Oregon in 2015, after discovering we had a second son on the way. As soon as we arrived we knew we wanted to build something other people could be proud of and I had discovered in the 2 years prior that I did not like working alone day in and day out. I needed a team that was as passionate as I was about doing something greater.
       We are now expanding our team with only the best so that we can better serve our residential and commercial repaint clients. Offering great services is what we call the lowest standard possible. We aim to raise up the standard of what is acceptable in the trades. Part of that problem we have identified is that there is typically one person that answers the phone, calls clients, emails proposals, meets new clients , runs supplies, and does most of the labor. That image doesn’t instill confidence to me and I bet you’d agree. Part of why we hire the way we do is to make communication a breeze and peace of mind for everyone.

But Why Do We Do It?



I, Shawn, enjoy painting and empowering people. The team members that we hire enjoy painting, learning, and growing. When everyone is happy doing what they do, they can have a blast providing a great experience to those around them. This is not only at work either. This applies at home, at church, in the gym, at volunteer events, and so much more.



Many businesses are started to provide for the family and there is nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to help more than just those under my own roof. I enjoy seeing what people are made of and training them to paint and help run a business is a great outlet for that. It is not always blue skies because sometimes people don’t think they are made of much, but we persevere and we try again.



I don’t mean the change of color, we love that but this is more. By providing excellent and happy service to our clients on time and on a budget we are able to effect a change. Firstly, there is a stigma around the contracting field in general and finding a quality contractor can be quite difficult. We aim to change that. Secondly, through the same avenue, happy clients, we are exposed to other opportunities to give to the community. Finally and I definitely did not save the least for last, we are able to affect things on a global scale. Last year we gifted our clients something unique that allowed us to simultaneously feed a child in a foreign country for an entire year! Tell me that doesn’t get you just a little excited. This year we are aiming to help even more.