Every house deserves a new fresh paint after a number of years. Depending on what you are comfortable with, you can decide to paint your two-story house yourself or have it done by a professional painter.

However, if you decide to paint your house the DIY way, painting the eaves might be one of the trickiest parts you will be dealing with because they are off guard and often difficult to reach. You will have to make sure your ladder is stable enough and you also have to be careful not to slide and fall

It’s always a good idea to have a friend by your side to help. Before you begin, make sure you have all the tools you need to accomplish this task which include; drop cloths, tape, paint tray, paint roller and refills, a ladder and small brushes.

You should also minimize climbing the ladder up and down unless when it’s absolutely necessary. This helps you to save your energy –painting can drain most of your energy especially if you’re painting in awkward places such as the eaves. 

How to paint the eaves of your two-story house;

1.    Clean your eaves;
Use a power washer to clean the eaves, ensure that the surfaces you’re planning to paint look clean. Point your power washer towards your eaves, start spraying from the top of the eaves coming down and make sure your hands are steady. Check to see that the surface is clean and no debris is left. Be sure to cover your eyes with protective glasses and avoid pointing the nozzle towards your windows. The high pressure from the power washer might damage your windows.

If you don’t have the power washer, you can wash your eaves with a bucket of water, some soap, and a bristle brush, but this option will take longer, much longer.

2.    Make sure your ladder is in the right position;

Grab yourself a twenty-foot extension ladder on top of your first story building and use it to reach to the top. Your ladder should not reach three feet beyond the eaves, lean the ladder on stable fixtures. If your ladder is not that long you can use ladder stabilizers to support you, confirm if the stabilizers are strong enough to hold your weight.

When you have finished painting the small portions, move your ladder to other sections and don’t reset the ladder, this gives you an easier time with reaching the portions you want to paint. Instead of carrying one tool at a time you can put all the essentials in a bucket and hang them on a stable hook on the ladder.

3.    Remove the old paint in your eaves with a wide putty knife;

Use your wide putty knife to scrape off the old paint, a narrower putty knife can also be essential when scraping off the corners. You don’t have to scrape off all the paint from the wood. Start by scraping the most noticeable ones. Also, remember to tape the places you’re not painting to make your work look much neater.

4.    Apply the paint

Paint the eaves using quality exterior paint, while standing below the top three rungs of the ladder. Standing any higher might cause you to lose stability.

Pro painting tips;
•    Choose the right paint; Latex and water-based paints are the best paints because they emit lesser fumes, tend to dry faster and also give you an easier time when cleaning. Additionally, choose the best finish for your paint.
•    Prime when you need to; if you’re covering dirty stains or painting drywall, a primer will be necessary. In fact, the primer is almost always necessary in any exterior painting situation. It helps you reduce the number of coats you will need to paint, block stubborn stains and improve paint adhesion. 

The Bottom Line 

Painting the exterior of a two-story home can be quite a challenging task. Painting eaves of such houses particularly puts you in a precarious position with plenty of room of accidents and injuries. If you don’t have the training, experience, and tools to handle such tasks, you highly recommend that you hire a professional painting contractor like Sir Paints A Lot.

At Sir Paints A Lot, we specialize in residential painting and guarantee a high-quality paint job using the best paint products in the market. To give us a try, simply call us on 541-600-2025 for a free estimate.