Painting high walls is scary and can be a bit risky, but then abandoning them without a new paint for a long time will make your house look really dated. Stained walls with fading or peeling paint look unappealing and make the whole house look worn out and tired.

But perhaps the trickiest place to paint in any home is those high walls above the stairs –how do you access them securely? Well, we thought we should share some tips on that in this article –here you go;

1.    Use the Telescoping Ladder

The giant telescoping ladder can enable you to paint your high walls on stairs effectively and conveniently with minimum or no risks. After setting up the telescoping ladder, it rests very sturdily on the floor with minimum chances of sliding and toppling.

In most cases, people complain about the telescoping ladder being a little too heavy, but that is a small price to pay since extra weight contributes to its stability. Under normal circumstances, you can set the telescoping ladder on four legs, but when there is need, it can be used with a plank, where one end will be on the stairs and the other on the ladder rung.

2.    Use the Pivot Ladder Tool

When painting your high walls on stairs a pivot ladder tool is a handy device. Pivot ladder tool comes with adjustable legs for purposes of obtaining flexible heights according to different situations. To make your work easy and to save on time, the ladder is made simple, easy and faster to setup. The pivot ladder tool can also be used for leveling and in setting up a plank. Moreover, the ladder now has a non-skidding surface to enable you to safely position yourself on stairs.

3.    Extension Pole Brush Holder

If you are afraid of heights, you don’t have to worry anymore about how your high walls on stairs will get painted. The best alternative for you is to use the Extension Pole Brush holder. The extension allows you to hook a brush at the far end of the stick as use it to access high areas without necessarily using a ladder.

To use this brush, you need some skill in cutting. The extension brush is more effective and efficient in cutting than the edging tools and foam pads available in the market. In most cases, a sixteen-foot extension pole is enough to access high points of walls in painting.

4.    Extension Ladder with Adjustable Legs

The extension ladder with adjustable legs is another best option for carrying out painting on high walls on stairs and even on any sloped ground walls. Most professional painters recommend the aluminum type of this kind of ladder because of its lightness giving you ample time as you maneuver around when painting. Also, the ladder has locking pins at different adjustment joints which can be removed for purposes of leg adjustment according to the different heights required.

5.    Scaffolding

The Baker’s Scaffold adds to the best option for painting your high walls on stairs. It has different adjustment points from which you can obtain different heights above your stairs to access far corners of your high walls. This Scaffold, has an ample space on which you can place your painting tools and access them without any problem. Such a feature is not very common among other of the same use, which makes the Baker’s Scaffold special. With the scaffold, you can easily maneuver all-around your working place without much hassle since it’s easy to move.

With the above tools, you can now comfortably apply paint on your high walls on stairs without much difficult. However, before you begin painting, take care of the following two important prep processes;

            -Covering – covering your floors, furniture, stairs, stair handles, and other things near your working place saves you time during cleaning and also saves your items from being ruined by paint.

            -Cleaning – the walls to be worked on should be cleaned first to ensure uniformity and quality painting.