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We believe in giving, responsibly, where you can.

Sometimes we can only give a smile and kind word or two, at other times we might be able to give our time or resources.

The important part is that your heart is in it whatever you do.


Below are a few areas we have given or plan on giving in 2019.

We live and work in a great community that has blessed us, and we want to Paint-it-Forward. There are many commendable nonprofit organizations and families who are deserving of being honored, encouraged or just given a helping hand and we want to give back in the way that we can!


Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

Do you know of a youth or an individual wanting to start a small business? Lawn service, babysitting, tutoring, pet sitter, dog walker, website,  or washing cars are a few examples of businesses you can do, but not limited to. We want to help you pursue your dream.

If you are age 8-20 years old we’d like to help you pursue your dream this summer by providing our Young Entrepreneur Scholarship (Y.E.S) with sponsorships up to a total of $1000 will be awarded.

We will open the scholarship for submissions in August.

In 2018, we teamed up with a company to gift our happy customers some wonderful coffee and feed children. For every two bags purchased or gifted, 1 child was fed for a week. The final result for 2018 was that our team gifted 108 bags of coffee to many happy customers.


This year we have found an option to be very local that we can’t wait to start raving about.