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Exterior Painting in Eugene| How To Prevent Wall Paint From Fading Out

Exterior Painting in Eugene| How To Prevent Wall Paint From Fading Out

Paint fading is often the first sign of paint degradation and occurs mostly due to the effects of the elements. Using poor quality paint or inferior painting techniques can also lead to premature paint fading, which is characterized by the loss of color pigment in a paint film.

Most homeowners actually don’t even notice paint fading until after a number of years, this is because it happens so gradually and relatively uniformly. Fading should not be confused with chalking. Fading represents the excessive lightening of the exterior paint, especially on the surfaces exposed to sunlight. But chalking might also cause color fading. With that said, here are some tips on how to prevent or at least slow down paint fading.

1) Choose Fade-resistant Paint

While this might seem obvious, many homeowners tend to ignore this opportunity. The best fade-resistant paints contain high-quality pigments and a sufficient amount of the binder. The binder binds the color pigments to the other ingredients to ensure a durable paint film. Additionally, the binder facilitates enhanced adhesion of the paint to the surface.

Low-quality paints often contain a low concentration of the binder and pigments, which usually start to break down after just a few months of painting. Generally, opt for high-quality paints from reputable manufactures for extended durability and reduced chances of fading.

Also, using alkali-sensitive paints on highly alkaline surfaces like new masonry is another mistake that can lead to fading exterior paint color. Other than that, be careful not to over-tint your paint product as this has also been known to cause premature fading.

2) Don’t Use Paint Colors Prone To Fading

Painted walls and sunlight often don’t go well together, considering UV rays are the number one reason to exterior paint fade. Frequent sunlight causes photodegradation, which is how chemical bonds in the paint are broken down by ultraviolet rays. However, not all colors react in the same way. Dark colors tend to absorb more heat and experience more fading issues than light colors.

Consequently, lighter colors last longer and fade less than dark colors. So to minimize fading, consider using lighter colors in areas that are subjected to direct sunlight and dark colors where there is minimal sunshine. This doesn’t, however, mean that you have to stick to the light color pellet only, you can play around with different hues to achieve the right balance and contrast.

3) The Right Paint for the Right Surface

Nowadays, paints are highly specialized and some paints are only suitable for certain materials. A particular exterior paint could be suitable for wood, brick, stucco, aluminum, or concrete depending on its qualities. Wrong usage of paint leads to paint fade fast. For instance, as mentioned above, alkali-sensitive paints should not be used on highly alkaline surfaces, like stucco. If you’re not hiring a painting contractor in Eugene, be sure to request the paint store for the best paint recommendation for your type of surface.

4) Hire a Professional Painting Contractor

Exterior home painting can be a laborious and technical project, and if you don’t have the skills and the right tools, you’re better off hiring a professional painting contractor. Other than the quality of the paint materials, the craftsmanship that goes into the painting process has an impact on the longevity of the paint and its ability to withstand fading.

Painting contractors do proper surface preparation, paint using the right techniques and have the know-how needed to pick just the right paint for any surface or situation. At Sir Paints A Lot, we specialize in residential painting and guarantee a high-quality paint job using the best paint products in the market that will beat fading and stand the test of time. To give us a try, simply call us on 541-600-2025 for a free estimate.

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