7 Of The Best Gray Paint Colors

We all know “Best” is a subjective word…and yet we all use it when we are searching for a quick answer. If enough people called it the best, it will show up as the best, and is therefore the best. It is important to remember that just because something is the best, does not necessarily mean it is the best for what you want to use it for.

So what is the best for you?… When choosing paint colors, it is always important to keep in mind the rest of your stuff. If you’re looking for the best gray paint for your interior; you need to think about whether it needs a warm or cool undertone. What color are your cabinets? What color is your furniture? Your fireplace? Generally, matching undertones creates a more cohesive space but there are times when opposites make sense! But keep in mind; A cool gray will look blue against warm surrounding tones. A warm gray can look brown or yellow/green-ish against cool surrounding tones. Some gray paints have stronger undertones than others, but many of the “best gray paints” will have a more subtle undertone.

If you’re looking for the best gray paint for your exterior; the most important thing you need to consider how much sunlight your house gets and whether or not certain shades will fade more quickly than others. So now that you have been adequately warned about what is the “best”- lets jump into it!

All colors listed are by Sherwin Williams. Currently, in the trendy world, the “best” gray paint colors have a warmer undertone. If you don’t like warm tones; fear not! I will be writing another blog about the Coolest gray paint colors too 😉

1. Agreeable Gray

Best Gray Paint #1 —Light Reflective Value 60

Who can argue with agreeable gray? Very agreeable is what it is! Slightly on the warmer side; you never have to worry about this gray looking blue against your wood floors or cabinets. This is about as greige as you can get, and has held 1st place for quite some time now! If you love this shade but are looking for a lighter tone, White Heron is an agreeable option ;).

2. Modern Gray

Best Gray Paint #2—Light Reflective Value 62

Modern Gray is a tiny bit lighter than agreeable gray, and also has more warmth. This color is borderline taupe but it is an excellent choice if you are looking for a bright, warm gray!

3. Repose Gray

Best Gray Paint #3—Light Reflective Value 58

Repose Gray is just a little bit darker and cooler than our first two options. Still falling in the greige category, this color can work well in just about any setting! Several of the deeper shades on this swatch are also very well loved. Mindful Gray (listed below), and also Dorian Gray and Dovetail.

4. Mindful Gray

Best Gray Paint #4—Light Reflective Value 48

Mindful gray is a step deeper than repose gray, but it is another excellent choice if you are looking for one of those warm greige tones! If your goal is to brighten up a dark room, you should probably choose the lighter Repose Gray; but if you have plenty of sunlight and you just want to add a tiny bit of warmth and coziness; this is your color!

5. Silverplate

Best Gray Paint #5—Light Reflective Value 53

Silverplate is even more neutral than the previous three shades, with very close to balanced levels of Red, Green, and Blue. It is about as middle of the road as you can get on the warm vs cool scale!

6. Light French Gray

Best Gray Paint #6—Light Reflective Value 53

Light French Gray has a slightly cooler undertone than Silverplate, but it still falls into the neutral category. It is not cool enough to look icy blue or purple, but it doesn’t have a warm feel to it either.

7. On The Rocks 62

Best Gray Paint #7—Light Reflective Value 62

On the Rocks is technically in the whites/pastels category BUT I think it fits pretty nicely into this list of grays. It is a tiny bit lighter than most of them and has a very subtle purple undertone to keep it cool but not too cool to be “cool”. 😉

7 Best Gray Paint Colors

In Summary Cool tones are not cool right now guys-I think you probably caught that by now- But I still love them! And remember, these warmer grays might not be best for your space even though they are the best! 😉 If you’d like to see my favorite “cool” grays, check out my new blog 12 Of The Coolest Gray Paint Colors! If you would like to explore more of Sherwin Williams Colors; click HERE!

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