One of the most vital aspects of home design for a homeowner is a good paint job. You can increase the aesthetic value and also the market value of your home with a couple of brush strokes on both the exterior and interior. In case you are looking to sell your home in the future, the easiest and fastest way to sell the house is by giving it a fresh coat of paint. When expertly painted, the price of the house will go up and more buyers will be interested in buying it.
So how does painting increase the value of your home?

Painting Improves the Curb Appeal of Your Home.
First impressions are important to any home as exterior paint is one of the first things someone wishing to buy the home will see. If your exterior painting is impressive from across the street, more potential homebuyers are likely to place offers on the house. Ensure that the window sills, front door, trim, and gutters are updated. This will give a good first impression on potential homebuyers because of the improved curb appeal.

It Contributes to the Protection of Your Home Against Elements.
A great paint job keeps off moisture, therefore, providing protection against mildew and mold. The exterior of your home is exposed to elements such as sunlight, pest infestations, rain, and fluctuating temperature. A fresh coat of paint on your home gives it a reliable shield that protects it from all these factors. Also, make sure that areas in the kitchen and bathrooms that are exposed to humidity and steam are regularly painted to avoid damage on the surfaces caused by routine use.

Painting Offers Heating and Cooling Benefits.
Painting the exterior reduces the energy consumption of the house depending on the colors used. During hot weather, a light-colored exterior will reflect light, thus maintaining cool temperatures within the house. On the other hand, during cold weather, a dark-colored exterior will absorb the heat, maintaining warmth within the house. This means that if you are living in a cold region, you should paint your exterior using dark colors, but if living in a hot region, light colors should be used instead.

It Lengthens the Lifespan of Siding on Your Home.
The siding is prone to deterioration due to extreme environmental elements and everyday wear and tear. These elements expose your home to damage by slowly destroying the siding. Painting your siding regularly helps to prolong its useful life because it creates an impermeable coating on the siding. The painting also helps cut down the money spent on repairing and replacing the siding. Additionally, fresh paint is applied on the siding to help cover up any flaws present.

It Increases Market Competition.
A freshly painted house stands out from the rest of the houses in the competitive market. Potential homebuyers are impressed by fresh paint especially if they do not want to incur further costs on home improvement. More buyers are likely to be attracted to a house with fresh quality painting with no visible paint spills. Fresh paint on interior walls and cabinets will modernize your home and make it worth more when you sell it. It is advisable to paint the interior and exterior of your home with neutral colors which appeal to most homebuyers.

Bottom Line
A neat paint job is an inexpensive way of increasing the value of your home. At resale, a skillfully painted home is worth a higher price. The smell of fresh paint tells the prospective homebuyer that the house is well-maintained as it is newly painted.
Keen attention should be paid to doors and trims while painting as such small details appeal to prospective homebuyers, helping sell the home faster and with higher returns. For the best quality and dependable results, you should consider hiring a professional painting contractor for help.