When it comes to painting the exterior of a multi-level or multi-story home with tall walls and lots of hard to reach areas in Eugene, Oregon, you’re better off hiring a professional painting company for your safety.

While DIY painting is an option, painting the entire exterior of your own home is not an easy task… You may make mistakes that can leave the exterior looking slightly unattractive, with chances of peeling, bubbling or fading happening sooner rather than later.

Here are 5 reasons to hire a professional to paint your home in Eugene, Oregon:

1. Safety

If your house is multilevel or has more than one story, it can be extremely difficult to paint its exterior. You’ll need to paint some difficult to access areas such as high-end gables or eaves. If you are using ladders, you have to get down and move the ladder every time you want to move sideways. This is very time-consuming and dangerous, and the risk is even higher if your multi-level home is located on a slope. Hiring a professional painter can help you stay safe!

2. Save Money and Time

Painting your residence might seem like a fanciful DIY project to undertake with friends over the weekend. However, keep in mind that you will be starting from scratch in terms of planning and execution. If you have the skills and tools required, DIY can save you some money on labor.

However, many times, homeowners don’t have the skills and experience required to pull off a perfect exterior paint job. You’re more likely to take more time and exceed your budget due to the fact that you have to buy or rent most of the required equipment. For professional painters, this is what they do for a living –and they have invested in the best quality tools, equipment, and training.

3. Quality Results

While anyone can paint, there is a lot more that goes into exterior painting than just changing the color on your wall. It’s more than just picking up the brush and the paint –the primary goal is to transform your home, add value, and prevent further damage on the exterior surface.

Whether or not you’re selling your house soon, you need to maintain its value in order to avoid costly repairs. Professionals are reliable and deliver the best results. They do thorough work and ensure the home is looking amazing and the paint job retains its beauty and protective properties for the longest time.

4. Structural Stability

Hiring a painting expert gives you an advantage of receiving a free exterior audit of some sort. Before painting begins, a professional painter will go around your house assessing the situation of your paintwork. During this assessment, they can easily spot decay or rot in your housing structure. Small weaknesses can significantly impact your home in the long term. They can also advise on the best way to fix the defect before painting can commence.

Water leakages and vapors can enter the walls through structural weaknesses and cause mold growth or rot. A professional painter can recommend a good craftsman to fix the structural defect. Following that with a good paint job can protect your exterior surface against water vapor damages.

5. Tools and Equipment

Painting experts have the best tools and equipment. Given that painting is what they do for a living, they have more likely invested heavily in acquiring high-quality equipment, materials, and tools to do the job right and quickly –from sprayer applicators and painters’ ladders to on-site paint mixers and power washing machines, in turn, allows pro painters to produce uniform coverage, texture, and tone for a long-lasting paint job.

If you’re considering repainting the exterior of your home, you now have enough reasons to hire a professional painter. Professional painting contractors bring to the table the training, skills, experience, reputation, and equipment that you can trust for high-quality and long-lasting results. Call us today or book now and we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate and a remarkable exterior paint job that offers true value for your investment!