When homeowners in Eugene repaint their homes, one of the most significant steps they have to make is to actually find the best residential painting contractor in Eugene. Exterior home painting is a large and relatively complex project that should almost always be left to experienced professional painters for the best results.

The next biggest decision you will have to make as a homeowner is to choose the paint color for your home’s exterior. It might seem like a straightforward, simple decision; however, choosing a color for your home can be quite a daunting task –considering you will be sticking with that color for years to come.

Exterior paint colors generally need to show off, possibly, your biggest investment. While personal preference might play a major role in the color scheme you choose to work with, there’re other important factors to consider too –which you probably forgot to factor in. Below is a quick look at the commonly ignored factors.

1) Existing Elements and Permanent Materials
If you have existing stone or brick foundation, patio or accents that you won’t be replacing anytime soon, you need to factor in their colors. The same applies to the color of your roof. While the colors do not need to match, they should harmonize at the very least. Look for undertones that will harmoniously tie together these fixed elements.

2) Architecture
Your exterior color scheme should be appropriate to your home’s style –whether it’s a mid-century modern ranch, Craftsman bungalow or Victorian. For instance, Victorian home sidings are generally better-looking in lighter, neutral colors and recessed elements in darker colors. Talk to your professional painter for help with choosing the most appropriate color for your home’s style.

3) Neighborhood
If you ignore your neighbors, your house would probably stick out like a neon orange house on the hill. So as you decide on your exterior color, take some time and tour your neighborhood to understand the overall color scheme in your neighborhood and see if you can find houses with colors that catch your eye. You generally don’t want to pick a color that clashes with your neighborhood or looks exactly the same as your next-door neighbor.

If you live in a neighborhood that is governed by a homeowners association, you need to check with them before painting or repainting your home’s exterior. They might have some restrictions on which home exterior colors you can or can’t use. While it might be a little limiting, it’s probably something you signed up for when you moved into the neighborhood.

4) Consider the Landscape
The landscape and surrounding natural environment will always give you some cues on what colors to use. If you live in a dryer area with plenty of stones and limited vegetation, choose earthy tones such as beige, and straw. If you live in a sunny beach area, your house will blend in better with colorful pastels.

5) Size and Location of the Home
The size of your home and its relationship with the nearest street may also be an important consideration. For instance, if your home is located a long distance from the street, it might need a brighter color to stand out. However, if it sits too close to the road, it might need a dark color to make it seem receded.

The Bottom Line

Your home’s exterior color can have a great impact on the first impressions and perceived value of your home. If you can’t seem to decide on the best color for your situation, you probably need to consult a color consultant or a painting contractor.

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