Exterior Painting Eugene: Matte or Satin Finish?

Exterior Painting Eugene: Matte or Satin Finish?

Choosing exterior paint for your project in Eugene can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with the paint finishes and colors.

There are generally four types of paint finishes; matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss and each has pros and cons.

When painting the exterior of your home, the choice is usually a little limited, as gloss and semi-gloss paints are rarely used on the outside.
The choice is usually between a matte or satin finish. Since the outside of your house is subject to wear and tear, the choice of the finish is very important.

Understand Paint Sheen/Finish

Paints with a high content of resins/binders create a high gloss/shiny surface, while those with a high pigment content create a less reflective surface.
In general, brighter paints are more durable, while duller paints are less durable but offer better coverage.

For larger exterior surfaces, glossier paints are usually reserved for finishing areas, such as window sills and doors, as well as surfaces that can be washed frequently.

For large surfaces such as the siding, less glossy paints are a better choice. Here, you want to avoid bright, glowing paints with highly reflective properties that will highlight every bump and imperfection.

Matte Paints Outside

Matte paint has an anti-reflective finish that will be slightly chalky and rough when you put your hand on it.
The finish is quite velvety in appearance and is at first very attractive since the lack of reflectivity hides bumps and cracks. It offers a very contemporary and modern look.

However, as with interior surfaces, matte paints don’t tolerate repeated washing and scrubbing.
You can rub the matte finish with TSP or a high-pressure water cleaner, but often the best solution is to apply another coat of paint.

You can expect to repaint more often if you use flat paint.

Satin Paints Outside

Satin finishes are relatively low in reflection, which means they also do a decent job of masking dents and imperfections on the surface.
To the touch, they retain the chalky appearance of matte finishes, but with a slight, creamy finish.
The same paint color will appear slightly richer in a satin sheen than in a matte sheen. Satin finishes can be wiped or even cleaned with water.

Semi-Gloss and Gloss?

In general, reserve higher gloss levels for trims and doors, which wear out a lot and may require frequent rubbing.
The brightest paints are more durable, and they will hold well on these weathered finish surfaces.

They can also be a logical choice when an exterior needs to be washed frequently, for example, in a climate where windblown dust is a problem, or in a home where active children can dirty the siding.
But the glossy appearance will also highlight every bump and imperfection so that for most people, they are not the right choice for large siding surfaces.

Glossy and semi-gloss paints, however, produce a more vibrant color, which is why they are sometimes chosen when a homeowner wants to put more emphasis on design.


In all respects, the satin finish is best for the exterior of a home.
It satisfies the essential maintenance points while providing a pleasing appearance that appeals to most homeowners.
Ultimately, the choice depends on your situation.

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