You’ve Decided to Hire a Painter In Eugene. What Now?

You’ve Decided to Hire a Painter In Eugene. What Now?

You’ve decided to hire a professional painting contractor in Eugene. What should you do next?!

If it is your first time hiring a painting contractor, the whole process can be a little intimidating. 

Repainting your home is a significant investment towards, probably one of your largest investments, so far. Hiring the wrong painting contractor can leave you frustrated to say the least, but the safety of your family should also be considered.

In this article, we will quickly take you through the process of hiring a painting contractor and an overview of what you can expect. Have a look. 

How to Find a Painting Contractor in Eugene 

Painting companies are generally active locally, and you have probably seen some of them working on projects in your Eugene or Springfield neighborhood. While most of them focus on painting, some take on extra related tasks such as plaster repair, minor drywall repair, cladding, and wallpapering.

You will essentially need to pick a painter based in your specific painting needs. Don’t be tempted to choose the first one that you come across. Some of the best ways to find painting contractors include asking friends, relatives, and neighbors, asking at your local paint store or searching online for local painting contractors. 

Be sure to choose at least three painters, invite them for an interview and request a painting estimate from each of them. It is best if you schedule each of them separately. 

What Will The Painter Do?

Most painters take on any kind of work, from the mere painting of your window covering to a full residential paint job. Let’s assume that you want them to paint your home interior. You can usually expect:

  • Cover all areas that are not to be painted, including floors, windows, kitchen counter-tops, cabinets, etc.
  • Slight surface preparation; this may include light sanding and scraping off loose paint, filling holes left from old nails, caulking, cleaning woodwork, and wiping off surfaces. The contractor assumes that the house is usually in paintable condition.
  • Remove electrical panels, lights, doors, and other obstacles.
  • Moving furniture away for better access to the areas to be painted. That is not really a painter’s job, so you have to confirm that beforehand if you want them to move furniture for you.
  • Priming new drywall or the current paint with an interior latex primer.
  • Apply two coats of latex paint on the walls.
  • Two layers of ceiling paint.
  • Painting of the trim (baseboards, window coverings, doors etc; all depending on what you requested) 
  • Touch-up missing spots.
  • Cleanups for any spills and splashes. 

How to Talk To the Painter 

Unlike a conversation with an electrician, talking to the painter is generally easy and doesn’t involve any jargon. They keep things as clear and simple as possible. 

Some topics you may want to discuss:

  • Is the cost of the paint included in the estimate?
  • What type/quality of paint does the contractor intend to use?
  • How many coats will be used?
  • How does he intend to cover the non-paint-able areas?
  • How long does he expect the job to last?
  • Is it preferable for the residents to clear the house while working?
  • Will the painter clean up after painting is done?

How Much Will It Cost?

If this is the first time you have hired a contractor, painting might cost a little more than you expect. Some painting companies will have formulas that they use. This typically includes measuring total square feet of walls and ceilings, along with linear lengths of the trim. They also calculate the preparation time as well as the “hard costs” for primer and paint.

Some contractors will give you a quote based on their experience with similar jobs. While this estimate may not be specific, it is usually a fair number. The best way to get value for your money is by comparing multiple painting quotes and picking a quote that meets all your needs. It is important to choose a contractor who communicates well with you and who you feel comfortable with. This will not necessarily be the lowest bid.

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