12 of the coolest shades of gray!

When I say “coolest”, I mean two things. I mean cool as in cool, and cool as in cool. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Shades of gray that are well liked with cool undertones (as in not warm). It is true that the warmer greiges and beiges are what seem to be trending right now by that definition of cool, but those shades might not work well in your space. Many people think the solution is to find a gray paint that has NO undertones…. if that is you; you are out of luck. Cool grays will have either blue, green, or violet undertones. While some shades have more undertones than others; all grays will flash those tones in certain lighting.

Cool grays look excellent with white or black trim and cabinets. They also pair very nicely with dark wood floors. All of the grays I am sharing with you are by Sherwin Williams, and all of them do fall pretty close to the neutral side of cool. While the more pigmented shades can be fun; I recommend using them only if you actually want that color of wall rather than a gray wall… so keep in mind that it doesn’t take a lot of undertone to overpower!

Airy Cool Tones

These gray colors are light and airy and even a little stormy. Blue and Green undertones here, but just barely ๐Ÿ˜‰

Earthy Cool Tones

These grays have a little more green (and even red- just not enough to tip the color to warm) in their undertones and take on a natural rocky, earthen look.

Grayer than Gray

What else can I say ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope this was helpful! If these cool grays are not your style- check out my blog 7 Of The Best Gray Paint Colors to see some warmier, trendier shades of gray or head over to Sherwin Williams to discover even more! When you book an estimate with us, our color consultant can help you choose the gray that is right for you! Click HERE to book an estimate now!

Thank you, Have a Grayt Day!

(I am hilarious)