Here in the Pacific Northwest, there are many different ways the weather can manifest damage on your home. It is important to know what to look for when assessing your home for weather damage. I thought I would lay out some of the warning signs that your home may need to be repaired or repainted. Here are some of the warning signs of common weather damage here in the Northwest:     -”Chaulking” paint: A milky look to the finish, usually on the south and west sides of the house as they are the sides that often get the most sun and rain. This is a sign that the paint has failed and needs to be refinished. There are many contributing factors to this process but it has been my experience that the quality of the paint product that is used is the biggest determining factor.   -Peeling Paint: Once the paint has lost its integrity it will need to be removed and, in most cases, primed. This process is more labor intensive the longer a person waits to have it done, and it can lead to rot if neglected long enough. In the case of siding that is real wood, the finish is the only thing protecting it. Once this process has started it is important to take action to combat further degradation. -Mold and mildew: The severity of this problem does vary. This can also be caused by an overabundance of bushes and trees too close to your home. If you have had your house painted in the last few years, with a quality product, you should be able to remove the mold and mildew with a pressure wash and some type of cleaner. If you are unable to remove without damaging the paint it then you may need to repaint.   -Rot: Rot is easily the most serious of these warning signs. It can spread quickly and be quite expensive to repair. It is most commonly found on the trim around windows, facia behind gutters where there is a leak, and failed flashing (metal designed to keep water from penetrating your home). Frequently these are easy, and often inexpensive, fixes if caught early. Though it is pretty common for a small rot repair to turn into a much larger project if neglected for any significant amount of time.      So take some time to look for some of these warning signs on your own home. If you see something that looks like what I have described, then it may not be a bad idea to have a professional take a look at it. It could save you a substantial amount of money in the long run. Click here to book your appointment today on our self-serve calendar!